Non-Obvious Tips for New Dog Owners

Are you bringing home a dog! Congratulations. Life with a pet friend at home may never be the same, but in the right way! Dog raising can be rewarding, but at times it may be frustrating. Nonetheless, adding pet to your family can be more exciting with these non-obvious tips for new dog owners.

Dog Insurance

Having insurance for your pet is crucial and should be considered when creating a budget for your dog. Your dog insurance can be a lifetime investment from early puppyhood all through to senior age. There are plenty of insurance companies you can choose from, depending on your anticipated healthcare needs, your monthly budget, and of course, the one that your vet recommends. You should also look at a comparison of different providers to know what’s best. Other factors may need to put into consideration, as well.

An Identity Tag

Make sure your pet has an identity tag. The tag must include your phone number and address on one side and the dog’s name on the other side. Losing your dog can be one of the nastiest nightmares you can ever experience, and the risks are much higher with young dogs or puppies who are getting accustomed to a new home. You can pick an identification tag in any of the pet stores. Whether you are a veteran or a new dog owner, an identity tag is a must.

A Microchip

Similar to an identification tag, a microchip is also an essential item. Once your dog has a chip placed, you will be required to register it online. Registered details should include your dog’s identification information and your current contact information. You can’t do this by yourself, so you need to arrange with you dogs’ vet to get it done immediately you adopt your new dog.

Trainer or Training School

After you adopt a new dog, you need to have the number of a dog trainer or a dog training school on hand. Research ahead of time and identify a trainer whose services you can afford and someone you are comfortable with and can trust with your dog. It’s always good to ask for reviews and get references ahead of time. Another option is to get your dog training education and train your dog by yourself.

Monthly Preventatives

Preventives are a necessity if you want your dog to remain healthy long to old age. Your dog may not need monthly preventatives from fleas and heartworm if they are slightly older, but young puppies need to take them. It depends on the age and weight of your dog when you bring them home.

A First Aid Kit

It’s always good to be prepared. You may not need the first aid kit soon you bring your dog home, but every minute count. The package should include essential items in case your pet get hurt, and there are various pre-assembled first aid kits for pets available in pet stores.

To be a responsible dog owner is about accepting responsibility for your dog’s actions, as well as committing to its life. The above six tips are a must know if you’re a new dog owner.

When and Why you Should Get Children Pets

Pets can be like children. Attention-seeking, forever hungry, and always in need of a bath, chances are your furry or feathery friend can be pretty high maintenance. But you love them anyway.

Here are some of the benefits of pets to children.

Helps children Decrease allergies

According to research carried out by health psychologist, Dr. June McNicholas of the University of Warwick is that children who grow up around pets have high immunity to resist allergies, thus making them less prone to problems like asthma, which is familiar to most children. The research showed that the children who were having pets in their homes were able to fight infections like cold and flu better than those who didn’t have pets, thus having fewer days off School.

They Become Responsible

When you buy your child a pet, there are some responsibilities that come hand in hand with it like walking the pet cleaning the pet this make your children became responsible by giving them a sense of achievement. Also, taking care of the pet will make your children have empathy for others.

Helps Them Learn

A pet will always help your children in their learning in School. This is because most educators have used animals like the dogs as a form of therapy in School, they use them to demonstrate and thus if your kid has a pet, then this will be an added advantage as She/He will be learning what they always see so it just a demonstration. According to research, children who are silly reading load in class, then they can read that to the pet hence developing their reading skills.

They Provide Comfort and Companionship

We can all testify that when we were kids, we always got moody over little things in life. When your child is mad and feeling low, then pets are the best in giving them the much-needed comfort and companionship, making your kid-less anxiety.

Keeping the Family Together

If you have pets in your family, trust me, then your family bond is too strong because all the family activities are around animals. As a family, we walk the pests together, grooming the pet and other simple tasks together, slow down, enjoy each other company, and communicates with one another, thus improving the family bond.

Encouraging Healthy Lifestyle

Activities like walking the dog or running the rabbit in the garden having the pets will help improve your children’s lifestyle.

Some Pets you can Buy Your Kids


Cats make great pets if you live in a smaller house or apartment and don’t have time to exercise your pet. They are largely independent creatures but also love attention, pats, and couch time. However, they do have the tendency to go wandering at night, and some councils have introduced a ‘cat curfew’ in an attempt to reduce the number of native animals killed by felines.


Getting a dog is nothing to be sniffed at. It is a huge responsibility, and you may want to seriously consider the size of your house or apartment and backyard before choosing one. Some people are turned off by the idea of a dog as they require regular exercise, but it’s hard to find a more loyal animal. Plus, getting a dog can even mean increasing your social life. Chatting to other owners in the park and meeting strangers in the street is a part of owning a dog.


Fish are low maintenance pets. But they are generally pretty dull and are very hard to cuddle. If you do choose to buy a fish, don’t forget to clean the tank. A green, moldy fish tank is the easiest way to make a room look dirty.