How to make your house baby friendly

Babies and toddlers are a source of joy and happiness for a family, but they are very prone to accidents. They are at a stage where they can walk and explore but are not really aware of the dangers around them. Therefore, it is the responsibility of parents or legal guardians to ensure that the homes of children and babies live in safe and child-friendly places. Here we will examine some of the most common accident areas at home and discuss how to make your house baby friendly.


The ladder is the first one you should inspect. The danger of being ruthless on the stairs does not require an explanation. Even adults can be easily injured by carelessly walking up and downstairs. And injuries from accidents on the stairs are usually severe. Here are some ways to make the stairs safer.

· Add a non-slip mat in stages
· Add a soft rubber mat exactly where the ladder ends below to avoid injury
· Teach children about safety on the stairs
· Put a non-slip grip on the stair buttons


Electricity is essential to modern society, but it must not come into contact with human skin as it can cause a variety of injuries. Most adults know better than putting their bare hands in an outlet, but not children. Electric shock is one of the most common causes of accidents in children. If you have children, make sure the sockets are secure.

· The installation of the socket covers contributes significantly to the safety of your child, especially when the socket is not used.
· Cover sockets with furniture that is difficult for children to access.
· Home renovation to bring the highest selling points out of the reach of children.


The danger in the bathroom is slipping. Young and old can fall victim to the smoothness caused by tiles with soap. But sometimes there is no way around it. The bathroom tiles are wet and slippery. Here’s what you can do.

· Place non-slip plastic or rubber mats on the bathroom floor
· Change the tiles non-slip during the renovation
· Place a soft pillow in the corners of the sink and a rubber pillow in the toilet seat to avoid injury.
· Check that the soap is attached to the container so that it does not fall accidentally and cause an accident.


Cooking is done in the kitchen, but children cannot be alone. Unfortunately, they sometimes come to the kitchen and play with everything they find, including knives, forks, and other sharp objects.

· Check that the oven has child locks so that they cannot be opened and entered.
· Put the knives up so that children cannot reach them.

Cupboards, shelves, table corners, and posts

Children love to explore because everything is new to them, an adventure, but closets and shelves are not places to try climbing. Make sure the cabinets and shelves are attached to the back wall, so they don’t fall off when a child climbs on them. The corners of tables and chairs should also have pillows in case a child hits the head.

By protecting children in your home, you can be sure that they can grow up without being hurt, which can be fatal.